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About Us

At Heritage Personal Injury Firm, we have over twenty years experience dealing with all different types of personal injury cases. From auto accidents to unsafe premises, no personal injury case is too difficult for us to handle. At Heritage Personal Injury Firm, no matter the type of personal injury, you will be treated fairly and with superb results.

The Heritage Personal Injury Firm is dedicated to aggressively advocating for clients with a results-oriented approach. We are dedicated to professionalism and personal attention, and we believe that keeping the client well-informed of the status of their case is very important.

Whether you are in need of legal guidance in a personal injury or motor vehicle accident case, we is here to help. Whether you’re the victim of an automotive accident, trucking accident, or wrongful death, we care about getting you the help you deserve. We work hard for you!

Service Oriented

Heritage Personal Injury Firm build relationships with you that motivate us to do our very best on your behalf. You will find our personal attention to your case refreshing. We keep you fully and promptly informed so you can make educated decisions and be comfortable with the direction of your case.

Experience that Matters

The Heritage Personal Injury Firm has offered service-oriented, professional and aggressive representation. Our goal is to put your mind at ease and achieve solid results. The professionals at Heritage Personal Injury Firm have extensive experience both on the plaintiff and defense sides of cases, giving them greater insights and strategies for success. Personal Injury is the only thing we do.

We Get Paid When You Get Paid

We know that recovering from an injury sometimes places people in financial hardship. Getting good quality legal assistance shouldn’t add to that problem. That’s why we only get paid when your case settles. If you have suffered a personal injury as the result of an auto accident, trucking accident, wrongful death, motorcycle accident or premises liability, Contact the offices of Heritage Personal Injury Firm today for a free consultation.